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Answers for the clients after a price increase

Posted on November 29 2017

Prepare 3 good answers (templates) you can use in case clients ask why you've increased your prices. Run your answers by your staff team and get ideas or feedback from them!

Price hikes are never fun; there’s always the possibility of backlash and unhappy customers. The reality is, however, that sometimes your salon prices simply need to be adjusted. If this is the case in your salon, know that you shouldn’t feel insecure about your decision.
Prepare for this by writing 3 good sample answers for unhappy or simply curious clients.
  • Make sure you answer the "Who, What, Where, When, Why and How" in the first paragraph
  • Keep it factual, try to avoid jargon and adverbs
  • Keep it brief, it shouldn't be longer than a page
  • Write in the third person
  • Explain, but don't apologise
  • Thank your clients

Sarah Schupp, from University Parent, explains: “The first thing I do when I increase prices is say thank you to customers. I sincerely express my appreciation for the risk they took on me, and then I’m transparent with them about why I need to raise prices. I make sure they understand why we’re asking for more money and why our product is worth more now than when they started. It doesn’t always work, but most customers tend to be understanding.”


Source Phorest salon software


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