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Secret Service

Posted on July 09 2017

Another great idea from Phorest Salon Software;

The more information you have, the more targeted and powerful your marketing is. You may feel as though it’s a bit of a trade-off:
"More information is great, but is it to the annoyance of the client?"

If done right, absolutely not. Here are the key bits of information you should be looking for if you want to get people in more often, spending more.
Phone number
Where did you hear about us?
If you've been referred to our salon, by whom?
Medical information
Notes on preferences

When you are gathering information about a new client, it can be unbelievably helpful to jot down some notes about them. When they arrive back in your salon or spa for a future appointment, you look amazing for remembering such specific things about them. For instance:

How do they like their tea/coffee?
How many kids do they have, and what are their names?
Are they getting married?
What magazines do they like?
When will they go on holidays next?
Today, learn something new about each and every client that walks through your doors, and take a note of it.



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