Disposable Capes x 100 Sheets (Patterned) 100 x 150

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Many salons and spas are now using disposable gowns to ensure every individual client has a fresh, new and hygienic cape for their appointment, which can then be safely disposed of at the end of their session. 

At the start of lockdown we investigated adapting our EcoTowel Large Patterned Sheets into DIY disposable gowns as an affordable, alternative and instant solution.

It was an instant success and we are now supplying them in the thickest material from our EcoTowels range which boasts a faint STAR & MOON pattern design.

Check out our easy 3-Step Guide to making your own Disposable Gowns from our EcoTowels Large Patterned Sheets here:



Please Note: Our EcoTowel Large Patterned Sheets have no fastenings and are loosely packed in the outer case.

Our Large Patterned Sheets have a faint Stars & Moon pattern.

They can be secured by cutting a small slit in the towel to create an opening to place over a client's head (check out our Step-by-Step Video) or by using a cutting collar to hold in place.

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