Introducing EcoTowels To Your Business

Top Tips for Introducing EcoTowels to your Salon:

1. Get your clients and stylists used to EcoTowels by initially using them alongside your traditional towels - specifically for drying hair at the basin.

2. Only get out the amount of EcoTowels you need for the day, and use this amount as a target to aim for.

3. Buy a range of different sized EcoTowels so you can use only the right size for the task in hand.

4. EcoTowels are great for colour-work and will allow a variety of shades and techniques without being concerned about ruining towels.

5. Use EcoTowels to help divide up colour work as a barrier when using colour.

6. As EcoTowels are designed for one-time use, they are incredibly safe to use and therefore avoids any concerns regarding cross-contamination for clients.

7. Some stylists are concerned that the EcoTowels are too thin to absorb all the water, however they are super absorbant and designed to take six-seven times their weight in water. 

Feel free to give us a call or request one of our online training sessions where the EcoTowels Creative team can answer all your questions and also do some live demonstration as well. 

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