Client Testimonials

"I’m in love with EcoTowels! They are indeed a game changer! After 30 years of taking home bags of laundry I decided to try these, and being honest was sceptical as I thought they would be thin rubbish. How wrong I was!

My order arrived promptly, I received a personal email from EcoTowels thanking me, which was appreciated. The towels are so soft and fresh,conveniently packaged in bundles so you only need to open a small quantity at a time. I have long hair that holds the water after washing so that was the test.The towel wrapped easily round my head and felt really light too. I was impressed how absorbent it is, in my opinion it was much better than a regular towel, left my hair smoother and easier to brush out when wet.

I just love these towels. I’m converted!10/10!"
Judith Clark, The Hair Gallery,  Northern Ireland

"EcoTowels are amazing to use - especially when I am working with colour. The fact that I can work with hair dyes and not have to worry about ruining cotton towels and laundering them after a full balayage treatment, is really wonderful and allows me to really enjoy my colour work."    Zoe Davies, Goldwell Colour Zoom Finalist 2017, Christchurch 

"With 200 clients coming into the salon every week, I was spending at least £80 a week on laundry bills. I now only spend £90 for 600 towels, which can easily last us up to three weeks. Not only have EcoTowels halved my laundry costs, they have also saved me arguing with my staff to sort through them all."  Pete Whitaker, Whit Hair, Portsmouth

"We have been using EcoTowels in our salon for over eight years and the staff and clients love them - not only have they saved us money and time over the years, but they are also helping to save the planet as well!"   Erica Young, Tony Hair, Bournemouth