Patterned White EcoTowels

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Our White Patterned EcoTowels are thicker, heavier and larger towels (they measure 95cm x 40cm), which makes them even more effective for hair washes and wet work at the basin. 

They also come with 700 towels in a box making them more cost effective, adding an extra space saving solution (plus reducing our carbon footprint!)

The patterns on these towels vary and may include a very faint Star & Moon design (however, during a hair wash service this is barely visible).

To find out how to use EcoTowels in your salon download our FREE Step-by-Step Guide to Using EcoTowels:

Easy Quick Guide to Drying Hair with EcoTowels

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Made from 100% natural materials with no plastics, toxins or chemicals, EcoTowels are soft and absorbent biodegradeable towels that are ideal for the hair and beauty industry.

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