Salon Business Advice: How to Increase Prices Without Losing Clients

Salon Business Advice: How to Increase Prices Without Losing Clients

EcoTowels Price Cost increase advice


Price hikes are never fun and there is always the possibility of backlash and unhappy customers. However, the reality is that sometimes your salon prices simply need to be adjusted and you shouldn't feel insecure or worried about the changes you need to make.

When we had to do the same with our salon, we worked as a team and together we prepared the answers that we could all use if and when we were asked why the prices were going up. By working together as a team on ideas and feedback (along with the potential arguments or outrage we might receive!) - it meant the staff were ready for any questions they might get and felt confident in answering them.   

In every answer or query we discussed, we had the same foundations:

- Thanking clients for their understanding

- Explaining but NOT apologising

- Staying transparent on the reasons why: whether it was the cost of extra hygiene guidelines (PPE equipment etc), the cost of running the business (rent increases/energy bills etc) or simply that the prices hadn't risen in a number of years - we were always honest and open with our clients. 

We also emailed our client list and gave them ample warning of when the price increase was happening so it wasn't a shock (we gave a month's notice).

By writing to them, it allowed them the opportunity to respond and query the price hikes. It also meant the clients were aware before they visited the salon and met with staff, who then reiterated the reasons why in person. 


mage courtesy of Philip Veater/Unsplash