Our Barber & Male Grooming Collection

Our hygienic, single-use towels and gowns have been used in Barbers and male grooming salons for the past 10 years, offering clients a perfectly smooth and soft shaving experience.

Available in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your clientele, our towels and gowns are one-use and therefore can be stored easily (you can look forward to no more wet towels or laundry requirements) and do not need to be replenished when they become discoloured or worn.

As they are disposable, EcoTowels are also 100% hygienic with a fresh and new towel being used for each individual client (so no chance of cross-contamination) before being disposed of at the end of their appointment. 

“Using EcoTowels means we can guarantee each client is getting their own personal, fresh, never-been-used-before towel - which is essential when hygiene is so important in our business”

Order a Salon Sample Pack today to discover how EcoTowels can work in your salon (and receive £5 off your first order). Or try our Salon Trial Pack of 50 towels and see how they will save you money, time and space in your salon today!