Here we answer the most common delivery questions. Please get in touch if you cannot see an answer to your question.

We offer FREE delivery to all our clients and our towels are delivered within five working days from your order. If you need emergency next-day delivery, get in touch with George who can try and get some towels to you sooner.

Delivery is managed through third parties – DPD or ParcelForce - and you can give us your specific delivery instructions (preferred days and times) at the Shopping Cart or through your Subscription.

We aim for delivery to take up to two working days within the UK mainland.

We are available for last minute or emergency next-day deliveries which may incur an addition cost – just send us an email and we can make sure you never run out!

Most of our towels come in easy-to-store packs of x50 towels using 100% recyclable plastic. They are delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes that can contain up to x500, x600 or x700 towels depending on your requirements. 

Our larger bed sheets and disposable capes come in loosely packed boxes of x100 or x300.

Yes, we have EcoTowels distributors in the Middle East (Dubai) and South Africa.

If you are interested in supplying EcoTowels in your country, get in touch with our International

Sales team here

Returns & Exchanges

We recommend always getting in touch with us if there are any problems with your order.

If there is an issue with your order please email George here telling us what the problem is and we will do all we can to help. Any refunds will be returned to the original payment method. 

Once you have contacted one of the team, we will arrange a collection from you.


We have collated the most frequently answered EcoTowel product questions.

Get in touch if you would like to know more or order our FREE sample pack here and discover them for yourselves.

They are used in exactly the same way as a cotton towel... but EcoTowels will absorb more than seven-times its weight in water (you can wring them dry and they will absorb even more moisture) and it doesn’t matter if it gets covered in hair dye or body oils!

To see how you use them, check out our online training videos or download our free Step-by-Step poster here.

Eco Towels are made from 100% natural products. 

Using a mix of wood pulp and plant fibers, the natural ingredients go through a bonding process called hydroentanglement which creates the nonwoven material we use in EcoTowels.  

There are no plastics, toxins or chemicals in our towels.

EcoTowels are just as soft as traditional cotton towels – in fact they can be even softer than traditional towels as they are all fresh out of a packet so are even more velvety and soft thansome of the tired salon towels that might need replacing!

If you’re curious, request a trial pack or order a salon trial pack.EcoTowels are just as soft as traditional cotton towels – in fact they can be even softer than traditional towels as they are all fresh out of a packet so are even more velvety and soft than some of the tired salon towels that might need replacing!

If you’re curious, request a trial pack or order a salon trial pack.

EcoTowels are made in the UK (Luton to be precise) and we have our warehouse and office in Christchurch, Dorset

Yes absolutely! We offer custom-made sizes of towels or bed sheets to suit your business and client needs.

There may be some limitations on specific sizing depending on what our cutting machines can facilitate. We also only offer this bespoke sizing service on recurring orders of over 10 boxes.

For the past 10 years, husband and wife team Matthew and George Smith from EcoTowels have been helping salon and spa owners transition their staff and clients from using traditional cotton salon towels to disposable, sustainable towels.

As salon owners themselves, they understand the pressures and concerns that come with running a hairdressing business, so check out their videos which answers the questions and concerns that salon owners, staff and clients might be feeling about changing to disposable, hygienic towels.

Matthew is also available for FREE online consultations with Salon Owners if you want to get in touch.

EcoTowels are fully biodegradable and upcyclable, however we do advise you check with your local authority waste recycling depot as most Councils don’t allow you to put them in the cardboard bins.

We always recommend reusing EcoTowels for other things... In our salons many clients like to take theirs home for household cleaning (ideal for cleaning cars) and local businesses who use them mainly for cleaning up dirty jobs.

Yes, you can and they will biodegrade in properly maintained landfill which has the right environmental conditions.

One of the many benefits of EcoTowels is that they can be stored anywhere and everywhere that is dry. They are extremely economical on space using less than half the space of conventional towels.

Yes, we can arrange online training with Matthew and George and we also come and visit your salon and share training with your staff. 

To book an online training session or salon visit, simply get in touch for more details and appointments.

Absolutely! An EcoTowel works just as a traditional cotton towel – they may not be as thick as a cotton towel, but they are a complete drying system.

Covid Planning

EcoTowels products can form an easy and cost-effective part of a Covid strategy for your salon. Thanks to our towels and capes being disposable, every client can receive a fresh and new towel with each appointment and avoid any cross-contamination as they are thrown straight in the bin at the end of each session. 

Our Germ-Busting Salon Cleaning wipes are also ideal for deep cleaning between clients. 

Because EcoTowels are one-use only towels and disposable, you can ensure there is no cross-contamination between salon appointments as every client is receiving a new, fresh towel that is coming straight out of the packet.

Unlike cotton towels, EcoTowels do not need to be boil washed after each appointment, they are simply disposed of into bins for recycling or composting. 

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Saving Money

Ready to start saving money with EcoTowels? Here’s how you can cut costs today…

The savings are INSTANT! Salon owners can immediately cut their laundry bills, staff bills and energy bills by switching to EcoTowels.

Check out our salon savings calculator to see how much money your salon can save.

And by reducing the need for towel storage in your salon, you can even make MORE money thanks to EcoTowels by introducing another Styling Station and increasing your appointments!

By setting up an EcoTowel Suscription or Recurring Order we can ensure that you never run out of towels as your orders are automatically put through at the time that you want them.

With our subscription service we can deliver towels to you on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis depending on your needs.

Aside from regular and assured towel deliveries, being an EcoTowel subscriber also means you benefit from the following:

- Exclusive Discounts and Promotions

- Entry into a free monthly draw for EcoTowels and our partners products

- Delivery Guarantee – we will help you set up your recurring order and if you need emergency supplies, our team will arrange over-night delivery

We understand that there are busy and quiet periods in every business, so you can adjust your recurring order for free: you can adjust the amounts and even pause it for a while FREE of charge. You control your subscription, which can be done online or by getting in touch with the team.  

No. One of our clients only has an annual order with us and that is fine! We just want to make sure we can help you manage your business and your costs.