Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use EcoTowels?

EcoTowels are really easy to use! They are exactly the same as a cotton towel... but EcoTowels will absorb more than seven-times its weight in water and it doesn't matter if it gets covered in hair dye or body oils!

To see how you use them, check out our online training videos or download our free Step-by-Step poster here:

How do I save money with EcoTowels?

The savings are INSTANT! Salon owners can immediately cut their laundry bills, staff bills and energy bills by switching to disposable towels.

For Matthew and George's own hair salon Tony Hair in Bournemouth, they were spending £80 per week to launder 200 cotton towels.

Now they are ONLY spending £70 for 600 disposable towels!

And this doesn't even include the cost saving on staff time and the need for replacement cotton towels every year. 

And by reducing the need for towel storage on the salon floor, Matthew & George were able to introduce another Styling Station and increase their appointments! 

How do we introduce disposable towels to our salon and clients?

For the past 10 years, Matthew and George Smith from EcoTowels have been helping salon and spa owners transition their staff and clients from using traditional cotton salon towels to disposable, sustainable towels.

As salon owners themselves, they understand the pressures and concerns that come with running a hairdressing business, so check out their video which answers the questions and concerns that salon owners, staff and clients might be feeling about changing to disposable, hygienic towels:


How do EcoTowels feel?

A lot of people think disposable towels are hard or scratchy... BUT THEY ARE NOT!

EcoTowels are just as soft as traditional cotton towels and yet they can absorb more than seven times more water. They can be used together with cotton towels or individually depending on the client and treatment. 

Can I recycle EcoTowels?

EcoTowels are fully biodegradable and upcyclable, however we do advise you check with your local authority waste recycling depot and most Council’s don't allow you to put them in the cardboard bins.

We always recommend reusing them for other things... In our salons we have clients who take them for cleaning (ideal for cleaning cars) and local businesses who use them mainly for cleaning up dirty jobs.

Can I throw EcoTowels in the general waste?

Yes, you can and they will degrade over 4-6 years in landfill which has the right environmental conditions.

What are EcoTowels made of?

Eco Towels are made from 100% natural products a blend of wood and cotton, there are no plastics, toxins or chemicals in our towels.

Check out our video for more info... 

How are EcoTowels packed?

All our towels are packed in recyclable plastic in multiples of 50 towels. 

EcoTowels can be ordered in boxes of x500, x600, x700 and x800 towels.

Can I get training in EcoTowels?

Yes, we can arrange online training with our Matthew & George or the EcoTowels Creative Team and we also come and visit your salon and share training with your staff.

To book an online training session or salon visit, simply get in touch for more details and appointments.