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Eco Towel FAQ

Can I recycle Eco Towels?


Eco towels are fully biodegradable and recyclable, however we do advise you check with your local authority waste recycling depot whether they are equipped to deal with them. Some council’s allow you to put them in the cardboard bins.


If you cannot then why not reuse them for other things? In our salons we have clients who take them for cleaning (ideal for cleaning cars) and local businesses who use them mainly for cleaning up dirty jobs.

Can I throw them in with the general waste?

Yes you can and they will degrade over time (in laboratory conditions 4-6 months) in bags in landfill up to 4 years, of course we would prefer it if you reuse our towels.

What are Eco towels made of?

Eco Towels are made from 100% natural products a blend of wood and cotton, there are no plastics, toxins or chemicals in our towels.

How are Eco Towels packed?

All our towels are packed in recyclable plastic wrapping in multiples of 50. Mostly our boxes contain 500 towels, however our 80 cm x 40cm & 70 cm x 40 cm boxes contain 600 towels.

How do I save money with Eco Towels?

With rising energy costs, you should notice immediate savings, in our experience we were spending time and effort taking towels to the laundrette, spending £80 per week to launder 200 towels, when we now can buy 600 for £70 ( plus VAT ), without including staff time and replacement towels every year that was an instant impressive saving.

Can I buy Eco towels from my local hair and beauty wholesaler?

We are currently working with many wholesalers in the UK - Sally’s Beauty and Hair being our largest.

If you can’t buy locally, simply buy from us direct, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Normal Objections


What if my clients don't like them?

True, some don’t but we have found that most do, especially when you explain the benefits of a fresh new towel each time. It might be an idea to keep a couple of normal towels handy for those that prefer regular cotton towels.

They don’t feel like a towel

True, they don’t feel like a towel because they are NOT a regular cotton towel, they are a synthetic towel made of material similar to paper. However, Eco Towels are strong and absorbent as well as soft to the touch.

Brand new traditional towels may look and feel plush to begin with, but after time become worn, stained and often damaged / frayed. With Eco Towels, your client gets a new towel every time.

They seem really thin.

Our towels are 40 - 75 GSM ( grams per square metre ) in weight and they need to be in order to comply with our ‘eco friendly ‘ and ‘ Biodegradable ‘ claims.

Despite their thickness, Eco Towels are soft and absorbent and are designed to absorb between 6 and 7 times their weight in water.


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