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Getting started with EcoTowels

Step one - Step one

Step one

Fetch one new, fresh & hygienic EcoTowel and open it out fully. Fold a 50mm fold into the long edge of the towel (which will help when you make your turban later).
Step two - Step two

Step two

Place the towel around your client’s neck - as you would with a cotton towel - and secure by tucking into the salon gown. When moving your client to the basin for the shampoo service, ensure the towel is in the correct position.
Step three - Step three

Step three

When you have finished the shampoo service and whilst your client is still at the basin, comb and squeeze the hair of all excess water using your EcoTowel to blot and squeeze the moisture from the hair.
Step four - Step four

Step four

Whilst the hair is damp, use the EcoTowel to make a turban before moving to the stylist station. Secure by tucking the EcoTowel into the fold you made earlier.
Step five - Step five

Step five

At the styling station, remove the EcoTowel and keep available during styling to help remove fine hairs or clear away colour work.
Step six - Step six

Step six

At the end of the client session, dispose of the EcoTowels in a secure and sealed bin as per the NHBF guidelines.

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