Disposable Spa & Beauty Towels

We have been supplying our natural, disposable towels to spas and beauty salons for over 10 years, and we think we have got the formula just right when it comes to the size and styles our clients need for their treatments. 

Either working on their own or together with traditional cotton towels, EcoTowels are designed to save money, time and space.   

Face Towels: with a velvety texture that makes them super-soft and absorbent, our towels can also be heated and chilled depending on the facial treatment

Hand Towels: strong and soft, our hand towels are ideal for manicures and pedicures 

Bath Towels: soft and super-sized, our bath towels are ideal for full body wrapping after massages, scrubs and tanning treatments. 

Shower Towels: smaller than our Bath Towels, save your cotton towels by using our disposable towels to wipe down body scrubs and oils after treatments. 

Bed Towels: many of our clients like to use our disposable bed towels over their treatment beds especially during oil-based treatments and body scrubs

Want to try out EcoTowels before introducing them to your staff and clients? Order a trial pack of x50 towels and see how they work or get in touch with george@ecotowels who is here to help!