Cost Savings: Cotton Towels vs EcoTowels

In an average-sized salon with 200 clients per week, how much do you save with EcoTowels vs traditional cotton towels in a year?

Staff Costs = £1,092 per year

Using a trainee at £3.50 an hour, they need to spend an hour a day loading, unloading and folding for six days a week for 52 weeks.

Energy Usage = £276
Over a year, drying an average of 20 towels per load with a 30min drying time. 10 loads per week = 5 hrs of power at 11.82KwH. A washing machine energy usage is approximately half that of a tumble dryer.

Washing Powder = £168
Average of 10 loads a week where we get 40 loads per bottle (rrp of £12.99)

Machine Replacement = £447.50
A salon washing (average cost = £895) would last an average of two years before needing replacement. (Source: CLM Laundry Service)

Cotton Towel Replacement = £175
With an average of 200 clients per week, salons will hold a stock of 100 towels that will need to replenishing every 6-9 months.

Total Annual Cost of Traditional Towels = £2,158.50

Total Annual Cost of EcoTowels = £1,456