Eco-Friendly Tips for Hair Salons: How to Reduce Waste and be More Sustainable in the Beauty Industry

Eco-Friendly Tips for Hair Salons: How to Reduce Waste and be More Sustainable in the Beauty Industry

The topic of becoming eco-friendly and sustainable is at the forefront of many individuals' and businesses' minds, and we all often wonder what steps we could be making now that would really make a difference to the world. 

It’s great to see so many industries taking a ‘greener’ approach in the day-to-day running of their business, however, it can be overwhelming figuring out what works for your business specifically, and what is worth investing in for the short-term and long-term to give you and the world positive results.

At Eco Towels, we specialise in disposable and biodegradable towels, therefore sustainability and practicality are at the heart of what we do. Because of this, our team would love to share their eco-friendly tips on how to become more sustainable in the beauty industry and within salons, in ways that not only help the planet but can save your business money in the long run.

Start Simple with Recycling

The first step doesn’t need to be the biggest, and this one is likely to be a case of streamlining a process you already have. Our team suggests ensuring you have clearly marked rubbish and recycling bins for your staff and your clients to use - somewhere you can throw your disposable towels in after use!

It’s important to know that a bin of mixed items can cause the entire bag to be thrown into the rubbish even if most of it contains recyclable items, so aim to keep wrappers and dirty food containers separate from clean cardboard boxes and recyclable plastics.

Not only can we recycle tins, cans, and paper, but did you know that we can also recycle hair clippings? Whether a hairdresser or dog groomer, you can send hair clippings to, a fantastic company that felts fibers into mats that soak up oil spills. Recycle while you work, and save the planet!

Swap It

You can make small but significant changes in your salon by swapping your current lights for energy-saving bulbs, not buying physical magazines but having online versions your customers can use (that can be easily accessed by a QR code or link that you email them), swapping your towels for biodegradable ones, and using energy-efficient hair dryers. These small but mighty changes can be made in a matter of days but make a big difference in the future.

Go Disposable with Your Towels

Did you know that a single wash cycle can use 32 to 59 gallons of water? Whether you work as a nail technician, a hairdresser, in a spa, or as a dog groomer, your salon likely goes through a large number of towels every day, which also need to be washed every day. Take it from our very own hairdresser and owner Matthew Smith who was tired of dealing with dirty, wet towels at the end of a busy day. He went disposable and hasn’t looked back! It worked better for him, and for the planet. Our Eco Towels have been designed and created to save you money, time, and the earth. Washing towels less frequently also means you won’t need to replace them every few months due to wear and tear!

Turn It Off

We’re all guilty of leaving lights on in rooms we won’t return to or boiling the kettle twice because we forgot it the first time. An easy way to become a more sustainable salon is to reduce the amount of electricity used (and setting a reminder to grab your cup of tea so you don’t need to make it again!). It can be as simple as turning off the plugs when you’re not using hair dryers or kettles, and using motion sensors for lights in staff rooms and bathrooms.

Opt for Environmentally Friendly Products

With sustainability and waste reduction at the forefront of everyone’s minds, we are seeing more and more products emerging that are focused on being kind to the earth all the while still being a product we’d be proud to use in our salons. When buying items such as shampoo, skincare, oils, and cleaning products, it’s worth researching ahead of buying to ensure it fits with your company’s sustainable ethos. Look into where the product was made, where the ingredients were sourced, whether the packaging is recyclable, and if the contents are as natural as they can be.

Test the Water Without Wasting Any

Becoming a sustainable and waste-reducing salon may not happen overnight. Our salon sample packs meaning you can test the water with our biodegradable and disposable towels before investing in our larger packs. Our £1 salon sample packs include a range of four towels so you can decide which one works best for your business, allowing it to fit seamlessly into your working day - a happy change for you, and the environment. After you purchase your £1 sample pack, you will also be able to redeem a £5 discount code for your next order.

For Your Salon and For The Earth

Our team at Eco Towels are driven to find modern solutions for modern businesses. Introduce sustainability into your salon today with our salon trial packs. If you’re not sure which item would work best for your business or want to ask a question, please get in touch on 10206 215 096 or email us at