Eco Towels - The Sustainable Option for Your Salon’s Manicure and Pedicure Services

Eco Towels - The Sustainable Option for Your Salon’s Manicure and Pedicure Services

Creating and building sustainable companies regardless of the industry is an important duty that business owners face in the modern day. Thankfully, finding ways to help the environment without damaging pockets has never been easier. The team at Eco Towels want to share with you all the ways our disposable towels can fit seamlessly into your beauty salon. They cost less than cotton towels, all while helping you and your salon stay environmentally conscious.

How Can Disposable Towels Be Used in a Nail Salon?

Our hand towels are a perfect fit for a nail and beauty salon. Made with strong materials and offering a soft texture, they’re ideal for both manicures and pedicures. Once the towels have been used, give them one last run by using them to mop up any spills, clean dirt off the floor, or wipe the paws of our furry friends. For a further deep clean, our anti-bacterial wipes are perfect to use between appointments to keep your table and equipment clean and covid-free.

A Fresh Towel, Every Time

In an ideal world, no one wants to use a towel someone else has been using if they can avoid it. Therefore, offering clients a brand-new, fresh towel is an easy way of making them feel cared for and special. Not only are you showing your clients that you care for their hygiene by offering an out-of-the-packet product, but you also care for the environment. A happy client is a returning client.

Energy-Efficient Salon Towels

Opting for sustainable towels for salons is the best way of reducing energy use. Choosing disposable towels means saying goodbye to the need to washing cloths multiple times and having to find places to dry them after. Once the disposable towel has been used with a client, it can be reused to wipe up a spill, and then thrown into your waste bin ready to biodegrade in a landfill.

Cut Down on Your Water Usage

Towels for salons no longer need to be put through the wash until they are discoloured and ragged. Opting for disposable towels over cotton ones can be a simple change with significant results. After a busy day in the salon, the last thing you want to do is collect up the mountain of towels, put them in the wash, wait for them to dry, and re-fold them in the morning. Eco Towels removes the need for washing machine usage and the manpower to complete the task.

Being Economically Sustainable, And Environmentally Sustainable

When crunching the numbers, cotton towels for salons can start taking over the expenses sheet. Buying them regularly to ensure cleanliness plus taking into account the manpower plus the water and electricity usage of cleaning them starts to add up. With 100 clients coming to your salon each week, switching your current cotton towels for disposable towels can reduce your costs by a huge £1922 per year based on the cost of cotton towels, washing, and drying them compared to using disposable ones.

Boost Your Reputation

Professionals will know the beauty industry is competitive, and showing that your salon is sustainable is another reason for your customers to shout about you (as well as your manicure quality of course!). Offering customers fresh, disposable towels on each visit and actively promoting sustainability will show others how important being an eco-friendly salon is to you.

Subscribe to Stay Sustainable

Once you’ve ordered our sample pack and chosen the perfect type of towel for your nail salon, subscribing is the next best way to keep on top of sustainable spending. You’ll be one of the first to hear about our discounts and entering into our monthly draws for free. Subscribe so deliveries fit with your schedule, and you’ll have full flexibility with how frequently you receive orders.

Hands-On In The Salon

If you’re looking to invest in Eco Towels and are wanting to gain more than just a hand towel - we have more than one use for it. Not only can the used towels be used around the salon for spills and drips or at home for muddy paws or wet boots. They are perfect for wiping down windows, sinks, handles, and mop covers.

Getting Started with Eco Towels Salon Towel

George, hairdresser and part-owner of Eco Towels offers live online and face-to-face sessions to help you integrate Eco Towels in your salon. This is a fantastic opportunity for you and your staff to ask questions and see how disposable towels can be included in beauty salon life.

Being Environmentally Friendly Starts Here

Every step towards becoming a more eco-friendly company should be praised, as it’s often not an overnight achievement. Here at Eco Towels, we want to make the transition as seamless as possible for you, your staff, and your customers. For more information on our towels for salons and how they could work within your business, contact our team on 01202 486690 or email us at