EcoTowels - The Science Behind EcoTowels: More About The Materials We Use and Why it’s a More Sustainable Choice

EcoTowels - The Science Behind EcoTowels: More About The Materials We Use and Why it’s a More Sustainable Choice

Sustainability, practicality, and hygiene are at the heart of what we do. EcoTowels offers an easy way to keep on top of hygiene and cleanliness in your salon, while keeping costs down and customer experience up. Our products have been designed and tested by stylists who understand the industry and its needs. Therefore, the team at EcoTowels wanted to share with you what our disposable towels are made of, and why they make a fantastic choice for a sustainable business, both environmentally and economically.

What Materials Have We Used?

Manufactured and packed in Luton, our biodegradable and disposable towels are made of 100% natural products. They are a mix of plant fibers and wood pulp that have gone through a bonding process of fibrous webs, known as hydroentanglement, which constructs the nonwoven material you’ll find in our towels. Both wood pulp and plant fibers are some of the most abundant raw materials in the world, meaning they are fantastic renewable, and reliable products. It was important to us that there were no plastics, chemicals, or toxins in the towels, and they are packaged in a sustainable way too - all delivery boxes are recyclable!

Can Biodegradable Towels Be Softer Than Cotton?

Thanks to the natural materials our EcoTowels are just as soft, if not softer, than cotton towels that are often used in salons and beauty salons. This is due to them being fresh out of the pack, placing them above the reused and tired cotton towels for comfort. This means the quality you offer your clients isn’t at risk when choosing to go sustainable with our disposable towels.

Upcycling - Stretching the Budget Further

Our team loves upcycling (being an eco-friendly company it’s practically impossible not to!). Upcycling is using old objects or materials again for a different purpose than what was initially intended, and the more we use a product, the better it is for the environment. Once you’ve used the disposable towel in your salon we recommend reusing it for other tasks such as cleaning cars or dirt from places that would otherwise ruin your reusable cloths. This offers one more life to our natural towels.

How Should You Dispose of Your Eco Towel?

If you’ve upcycled and it’s time to throw in the (Eco)Towel, it’s good to know what to do with it. It was important to us that our towels were biodegradable; we didn’t want towels overflowing and clogging salons nor do we want them doing that to our earth! In a properly maintained landfill our EcoTowels will biodegrade so we suggest throwing them in your general waste bin. If you’re looking to put them in your recycling bin, we suggest checking with your local authority waste recycling depot to see if you can.

Sustainability - More Than the Earth

Sustainability is more than reducing pollution and keeping our oceans clean, it’s also about economic sustainability. This is vital in any business, and our disposable towels are designed in order to save businesses money in the long term.


With EcoTowels laundry bills and energy bills are cut instantly. Use our cost-saving calculator  to find out how much you could be saving from the click of the button on your first order. Our EcoTowels are cheaper than cotton towels, and they save you space as you don’t need to house tens of hundreds of used cotton towels (potentially space you could use to welcome another customer!).

Find Your Perfect Product

We understand that figuring out what the right products are for you, your clients, and your salon isn’t always easy. That’s why we offer our customers £1 Salon Sample Packs that include four towels from our range, and a Salon Trial and Session Pack . After you’ve decided on which towels work best for you, our larger packs contain 50, 500, 600, or 700 towels that are delivered straight to your door in recyclable plastic or cardboard. Additionally, after purchasing a £1 sample pack, you will be able to redeem £5 back on your next order. Following from here, owners Matthew and George can come to your salon to give training on using EcoTowels, so they fit seamlessly into your business.

Biodegradable Towels - On Your Way to a Sustainable Salon

Here at EcoTowel, we are driven by sustainability in businesses, not only making life easier for our customers but the world a greener place too. We’re proud to say our biodegradable towels were one of the first to undergo the process in German laboratories DinCertco to certify them as biodegradable. If you’re interested in boosting your business's sustainability, browse our salon essentials today. Become an EcoTowel Subscriber in two easy steps to regularly be entered into draws to win even more sustainable products and gain exclusive discounts. There is no minimum spend on your subscription and adjusting or freezing is free. Subscribe to sustainability!

Contact Us

If you’ve got any questions about our biodegradable towels or want to talk to a member of our team about introducing EcoTowels in your salon, please call us on 01206 215 096 or email us at