How To Make Your Salon Greener This New Year

How To Make Your Salon Greener This New Year

New year, new goals? Here at EcoTowels, we want to help you have a greener start to 2024. With some minor changes, you can strive for a more sustainable way to offer your spectacular services to your ongoing clientele - and hopefully, get some new ones! In this article, we will be discussing the importance of incorporating earth-friendly practices in your salon, and how we can help you achieve just that.

Why is it Important to Incorporate Earth-Friendly Practices Into Your Salon? 

Alongside making people more beautiful, we should also be focusing on the beauty of the planet too. It’s no secret that many consumers nowadays are concerned about the impact of their everyday lives and what cost this could have on the planet - this doesn’t stop with where they get their hair done.  If your salon opts for more sustainable practice you become much more desirable to the conscious consumer that we are seeing evermore often these days. 

Also, by becoming more environmentally conscious, you can not only increase the longevity of your business, but also the life of the planet. For example, did you know that salons can have a large environmental impact? Though this is an impact that can be tricky to decrease, there are many other ways that you can reduce your footprint.

Can Luxury Align With Sustainability?

When considering 'eco-friendly' and 'green' products, luxury and comfort might not immediately come to mind. However, the era of rough hemp and uncomfortable fabrics is a thing of the past - introducing EcoTowels.

EcoTowels provide the comfort you expect from a salon trip but without adding to our carbon footprint Our disposable towels are fabricated to be 100% biodegradable which drastically reduces their lasting impact on the environment.

Did you know that traditional cotton towels can contribute massively to water consumption and energy-intensive manufacturing processes? In a stark contrast, our Hairdressing Towels are made from 100% natural ingredients and are easily disposed of. EcoTowels are a simple way to bring both sustainability and luxury together. 

Why Choose EcoTowels? 


If one of your goals for your business in 2024 is to minimise your salon's ecological footprint, why not consider adding EcoTowels into your business? As mentioned above, EcoTowels are biodegradable and crafted from 100% natural materials, offering a more environmentally-friendly option for your salon.

EcoTowels are also germ-free. What does this mean exactly? Well, with salon towels, that are easily disposed of, you can ensure that every client has a germ-free towel upon arriving at their appointment. With the disposability of our towels, you may be worried about running out of them - never fear, we also have a subscription service that can help you avoid this.


 Once you have selected what towels you need, you will be able to choose to have a recurring order delivered to your salon. You also choose the frequency you will be needing these towels and enter your requirements for receiving these at your salon. This ensures that you are never without EcoTowels and will save you a lot of time on reordering them. 

Also, to explore the optimal salon towels for your clientele, we recommend trying our sample packs. This package includes four EcoTowels with varying sizes and textures, and it also comes with a £5 discount on your initial order. If you are unsure what your salon may need, this is a great way to narrow down your choices.

Who doesn’t want luxury on a budget? Did you know that it’s more cost effective to use EcoTowels in your salon, then to use a cotton alternative? For example, to fund one salon that sees 50 clients a week with all the cotton towels they would require, it would cost you around 2.4k a year. Whereas, with our disposable salon towels, you could service the same amount of clients for just £360. 


EcoTowels are extremely versatile with their super absorbent rates and tough strengths. EcoTowels can hold up to 7x their weight in water, making them the perfect addition to a salon trying to make more sustainable choices this new year. Also, EcoTowels are sturdy. With a high working strength, you won’t have to worry about rips and tears, as our salon towels have been designed to be hard-working and tough. 

Finally, they look great (and we aren’t being biassed). Each and every one of our disposable towels are finished in a white or black embossed material, making them appear as luxurious as a standard cotton towel. By opting for EcoTowels in 2024, you are not compromising on style, whilst also benefiting your business and the planet too.