Salon Solutions: How Can You Wow Your Clients?

ecotowels how to impress clients

EcoTowels how to impress clients

We all know that it is the little things that count in our daily lives... and the same applies in our salons.

Every day clients come to us looking for more than just their treatments done, they are looking to have a moment for themselves to relax and unwind and catch up.

It is vital that you and your team remember that, so despite the hectic nature of the day and the craziness going on behind-the-scenes, every client should feel that they are welcome and appreciated when they walk through the door.

This is why every month in our salon, we gather as a team to come up with ideas of ways we can make the magic for our clients. It could range from different biscuits and dairy-free milk options to arranging to pay their parking or getting them lunch in if they have an appointment during their lunch break. 

We also use this time to ensure all the staff are updated with clients and their news - whether it be babies on the way, weddings to plan for or illnesses to overcome, we want the whole salon floor to be aware of what our clients are going through so that when they come to the salon, they feel like a part of the family and we are all happy to see them. 

It is the small and extra personal touches that really wow clients and make the magic in your salon. Try it today and see what ways you could make their appointment extra special.

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