Salon Business Advice: How To Get More Retail Revenue

EcoTowels Retail Display Advice
The easiest and quickest way to increase your retail/product sales is by tidying up your reception area and having an appealling, eye-catching salon display that shows off your retail products in the best way. 
Make sure the display is eye-level and on the right-hand side - it is also better to go with less-is-more product display with the items you want to shift in prime position. 
EcoTowels Salon Advice Retail Display Phorest
There is also opportunity during individual appointments to highlight to clients the retail products you are using so they can see first-hand the benefits of using the product. Make sure staff then remind clients during payment if they want to add the product onto their bill - it is during this time that most retail purchase are made so make sure the staff are ready to promote the products.  
Your staff are going to be the best salespeople for your retail products, so make sure they are incentivised to sell. Choose betwen a commission or bonus scheme that encourages them to share the product knowledge and benefits with their client - after all, they are your best way of making a sale. 
And finally, ensure payment is easy to do and during Covid precautions, ensure you have ability for cardless payment so clients can make an impulse buy without having to go back to the reception area. Transactions need to be as simple and seemless as possible in whatever circumstances the appointment is taking place.
Image Courtesy of Phorest