Salon Advice: What Does Your Salon Say About You?

ecotowels salon interior style advice

EcoTowels salon interior style


As a salon owner, you know what clients you want to be coming in for appointments and what services you want to be offering them... but what are you doing to make sure they want to come to your salon?

Take the time to really look around your salon and make sure you are offering everything your perfect clients want...

Parking Is there parking available (is it free or paid)? Are all your accessibility requirements in place and communicated well on your website and social channels?

Decor What do the interiors of your salon say about you as a business? When did you last decorate? 

Window Is your outside window attractive? What does the salon look like to someone passing by? How do you use your window during campaigns (Christmas, Mother's Day, Discounts or Offers?)

Refreshments What do you offer clients (and does it appeal to your perfect client?). Do you change your offerings seasonally and do you have options for those with dietary requirements?

WiFi & Connectivity How easy is it for clients to connect and is it free? Is there a way you can use their connection to collect their data or use for client feedback? 

Entertainment Are the magazines you have in the salon those that appeal to your perfect client (there is no point in offering Knitting Monthly if they want to read OK! Magazine or Vogue). What about digital entertainment - tablets or iPads for each station? 

Music Are you a classical music or dance salon? If there is music play, what music or radio station is it and why?