Top Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hair This Winter

Top Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hair This Winter

As winter takes its toll on both our hair and skin, the anticipation of spring prompts a desire for change. In this article, we will delve into comprehensive tips and strategies to nurture your hair back to health, ensuring that it not only recovers from winter-related damage but also thrives with renewed vitality as the seasons shift.

Why Is It So Important to Take Extra Care of Your Hair During The Winter Months?

Have you noticed that your hair is not looking or feeling it’s best this month? Don’t worry - you aren’t alone! During the winter months, our hair can feel dry and listless. But, why is this? 

Well, it’s the tiresome twosome we call - central heating and frost weather. These two together are a recipe for dry skin and a dry, flaky scalp. Plus, to make matters worse - many of us love a hot shower or bath in the winter too. This can lead to even more heat, which again, isn’t much good for our hair. All of this can lead to a stripping of natural oils which means damaged hair for us! That’s why, it’s all the more vital in the winter to take care of our hair. 

How To Repair Winter Damage 

Now we know the problem - what’s the solution? Winter damage can last throughout the year if we aren’t careful, so it’s all about taking precautionary steps before our hair has seen better days. 

Avoid Hot Styling Tools

Firstly, avoid hot styling tools wherever you can! Whilst the weather is cold, as we’ve mentioned above, our hair still experiences much more heat in the winter, than in the warmer months. So, put down the hair straightener, curling iron or diffuser, and opt for the more natural look this winter. 

Cut Down On Hair Washing

As well as embracing those natural locks, according to this article from Vogue titled ‘6 Easy Ways To Treat & Repair Winter-Related Hair Damage’, you should also be cutting down on your hair washing. They state that ‘to prevent an itchy and flaky scalp, shampoo less often than you are used to. Since you're less likely to really sweat as much during this time, you can go longer’. The less you wash your hair, the more likely it will be to hold onto those all important natural oils, and retain its moisture.

Nourishing Hair Rituals 

Also, treating your hair to nourishing treatments can prove extremely beneficial. We would recommend repairing your winter-damaged hair by adding a moisturising shampoo and conditioner of your choosing into your routine. Throughout the winter season, it's popular to deviate from their regular hair care products, and opt instead for alternatives that provide an enhanced level of nourishment and care.

For example, if you use coconut oil based products in the summer, then you may notice it isn’t doing such a good job once it gets cold. This is because other, rich oils like olive and almond work much better in a cooler climate. In addition, we would also recommend  protective hair measures wherever possible, you can repair and strengthen your winter-damaged hair. 

How EcoTowels Can Help?

Speaking of protective hair measures - may we introduce EcoTowels? Protective hair measures can be anything from using heat spray when you use a hot styling tool, to sleeping with silk pillowcases to prevent friction which could potentially knot your hair. Disposable towels, such as EcoTowels are also a great way to protect your hair this winter. 

By swapping out your regular towels with soft disposable EcoTowels, you can also minimise any damage caused by friction. Instead of rubbing your wet hair with a standard cotton-blended towel, you can rub it lightly with a disposable towel instead. This will allow the towel to absorb the excess moisture without causing any unnecessary damage or breakage. You can get salon-quality, right from the comfort of your own home with EcoTowels. 

Also, as well as being a quality salon towel, EcoTowels are super absorbent. We all know what it’s like to have long hair and how tricky it can be to manage whilst it’s wet. As well as being super-friendly to the planet, EcoTowels can hold up to 7x their weight in water. Meaning that it’s definitely up for the task of drying your hair. Say goodbye to winter-damaged hair, with the help of EcoTowels.