Eco Towels - 5 Ways to Use Eco Towels in Your Salon Beyond Hair Services

Eco Towels - 5 Ways to Use Eco Towels in Your Salon Beyond Hair Services

The team at Eco Towels have seen disposable towels finding their way into salons, shops, offices, and our cupboards at home. With more than one use and no need to put them in the washing machine or dryer, it’s no wonder we’re seeing them crop up more often.

As a salon manager, you’re often looking for new and innovative ways of investing in your business without breaking the bank. Thankfully, disposable towels are just the thing. Despite being initially marketed for beauty rooms or salons, disposable towels are no longer limited to one job or even one sector. Investing in disposable towels means investing in a more economical way of day-to-day salon running. In this blog our team will share with you the new ways customers are using Eco Towels, and how you could be too.

Clean Down Salon Mirrors Between Clients

Before you throw a disposable towel away a great re-use hack is to wipe down mirrors between each client. Not only does this save a load of cleaning to do later in the day, but each new client will appreciate the freshly cleaned space. The towels are fantastic for buffing which can save a lot of time when trying to get a streak-free finish! Some clients may even want to take their towel home to do the same to their mirrors! For a deeper, Covid-friendly clean, take a look at our antibacterial Salon Safe Cleaning Wipes.

Use Them to Wipe Down Dirty Shoes and Muddy Paws

No one wants dirty shoe prints all over a freshly cleaned salon floor. Keep a pile of towels in a box by the door as an easy way for you and your staff to wipe down your shoes before walking into the salon. They are also fantastic for dog-friendly salons. Keep a few on hand for owners to wipe down any potentially muddy paws before they come in. For a quick floor clean between clients, pop one under each shoe and run your feet across the floor to collect up any hair or dye drips!

Salon Towel to Mop Head Cover

Speaking of drips, after a towel has been used for a customer in a salon, it can be easily used to mop up any spills that may have found their way onto the floor before throwing it away. Simply cut the towel so it fits just over your flat mop head ensuring it can attach to the holes or serrated edges and you’re good to go! As the towels can absorb up to 7 times their weight in water, it’s the perfect option for giving your towels a second life.

Keep Your Plants Flourishing

If your salon has some greenery inside or outside, using your towels is an easy money-saving option to ensure your plants stay fresh. Disposable towels can be put into compost and will biodegrade in roughly 12 weeks, leaving no impact on the environment. As Eco Towels absorb up to 7 times their weight in water, they are great for putting in flower beds and hanging baskets. Many salons even donate them to local allotments, botanic gardens, and wormeries. They’ll also take old hair clippings too as they can be used in the compost or mulch, which you’ll have plenty of!

Leave Windows & Frames Streak-Free

Nothing brightens a room like freshly cleaned windows, and nothing welcomes customers like a gleaming salon. Thanks to the textured material, your salon towels can be used to clean windows and photo frames, offering a streak-free finish. The towels are easy for staff to take to do the same to their windows and frames at home!

Which Disposable Towels Are Right For You?

Eco Towels founder and hairdresser Matthew Smith found a gap in the market for towels that come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, creating a diverse range with flexible delivery times for shops with minimal storage was important to him. Eco Towels host a range of disposable towels, so if you want to find your perfect towel before subscribing, take a look at our Salon Sample Pack which contains four towels in different sizes and textures or test out our Salon Trial Pack containing 50 disposable towels in either black or white to suit your salon.

Contact Us for Multi-Use Salon Towels

Here at Eco Towels, we understand that storage space can be limited and cost-effective decisions must be made. Using disposable towels not only helps you save money by not using washing machines and dryers, but can eliminate the need to buy cloths for cleaning the salon. Once they’ve been used, they can be thrown away, no longer taking up space in the salon. Our team are on hand to discuss the best disposable towel options for you and are here to answer any questions you may have. Use the form on our website or call us on 01202 486690.