Deep Cleaning Salon Wipes

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For easy deep cleaning in your salon or spa, use our Germ Busting Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Wipes. 

Available in buckets of 500 wipes (and sold in sets of 4 buckets - so that is 2,000 wipes!), you can ensure each of your salon stations have their own easy-dispensed cleaning wipes to use before and after each appointment and client visit. 

Each individual wipe is 20 x 25cm and are impregnated with anti Bacterial, Viricidal and Anti-Fungal sanitisers that are effective against Coronavirus, MRSA, E.Coli and more.

The item listed here does not have quite the same 100% biodegradeable credentials as our other EcoTowels products, which is why they sit in their own collection.

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