Sustainability and Savings: The Economic Benefits of Using Eco Towels

Sustainability and Savings: The Economic Benefits of Using Eco Towels

Making salon life more sustainable in a simple way is one of the driving reasons EcoTowels was created. Helping diligent salon owners make the most of their time and resources was the leading thought behind the production of our disposable towels.

In the past 10 years, we’ve seen more and more businesses start the process of becoming more sustainable, and in more ways than one. Sustainability has become more than just for the planet, it’s also for the economic state of the business.

In this blog we want to share with you, salon owners, some information on how EcoTowels can save you money in the long term, as well as help you to do your part in making the planet greener. For more information on the sustainability of our products and the materials we use, take a look at our most recent blog.

Better For Your Salon, The Planet, And Your Pockets

Salons are fast-paced businesses where the owners are always forward-thinking. Whether it’s how to ensure customers are getting the best service your team can offer, how to maximise learning time for new trainees or the tricky decisions made on how to increase profit margins while ensuring customer retention. With our disposable towels, everything is covered without spending a penny more. In fact, you’ll be spending less on disposable salon towels than you would on cotton ones. No longer washing cloths each week saves your staff time, the planet's energy and water, and your pockets from paying to run washers and dryers.

Let’s look into the costs of using reusable cotton towels:

Washing Cotton Towels

If you own a singular salon that sees an average of 200 clients over the 6 days you’re open over the week, who each have a towel used for them at their appointment, that means by the end of the week a member of the team is washing and drying 200 towels. Using 200 cotton towels per week over 52 weeks in the year can cost £1294.80.

While prices could change in the meantime, at the time of writing this blog we assume a single wash (3 kWh) cleaning 200 towels in 10 loads at the price of 57p per load, for one hour (0.1890p/kWh). One load of detergent is roughly 32p.

Drying Cotton Towels

Many salons use dryers to ensure towels are not left damp, which is 6 kWh. If, like the washing process, it dries 200 towels in 10 loads it will cost 57p per load for half an hour at 0.1890p/Kwh.

Replacing Reusable Towels

Salons replace roughly 100 cotton towels each year for £163 and their machines every 2 years which costs approximately £859.

Total Cost Per Cotton Towel

Taking into account all of the above, the total cost per cotton towel is 30p.

Now let’s dive into the costs of salons using EcoTowels:

Disposable Salon Towels

Looking at the same salon that sees 200 clients per week and uses 1 towel per appointment means they will be using 10400 disposable towels per year.

Total Cost Per EcoTowel Disposable Salon Towel

Thanks to no longer needing to use a washing machine, detergent, or drier for disposable salon towels, investing in EcoTowels means they cost only 14p per salon towel compared to the 30p per cotton towel. For more information on cost saving with EcoTowels and to work out how much your salon could save use our Cost Saving dials on our website.

Save More With Free Subscriptions and Free Shipping

Cost saving with disposable towels doesn’t stop after the first purchase. EcoTowels offer a free subscription service plus free shipping to the mainland UK. Signing up for recurring orders means you can get free weekly deliveries, exclusive discounts, and you’ll be entered into monthly prize draws. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about running out of towels again with our guaranteed service. A weight off your pockets and your mind!

£1 Salon Towels

To test out a few different towels to see which one works best for you and your clients, we suggest ordering our sample pack. It comes with four EcoTowels of different sizes and textures plus £5 off of your first order. 

Trial Packs - Try Before You Subscribe

Once you’ve decided on the towels you want but want to try them for a few days before signing up for the subscription service, we offer a salon trial pack that includes 50 disposable towels in White Embossed or Smooth Black at £20.00 including VAT.

Contact Us for Sustainability in Your Salon

Offering salon owners simplicity and sustainability is hugely important to us, and if you’ve got any questions about our disposable towels or want to enquire about placing an order, use the form on our website or call us on 01202 4886690 and a member of the team will get back to you ASAP!