What Can You Do To Reduce Mess As A Dog Groomers

What Can You Do To Reduce Mess As A Dog Groomers

Here at EcoTowels, we understand that keeping a business, such as a dog grooming, clean can be extremely difficult. With so much fur and hair flying around, ensuring your workspace stays clear can be a tricky task. In this article, we will be sharing some of our valuable insights and practical tips for how dog groomers everywhere can reduce their overall mess. 

Invest In High Quality Equipment

Nothing says ‘we will care for your dog’ like high-quality equipment. In a dog groomers, having the finest equipment can make your practice run with the utmost precision and efficiency. We would recommend opting for tools with efficient hair collection features. Such items will come with built-in vacuum systems or attachments which will minimise the amount of loose fur in the air. With one of these tools, you will be able to save time on cleaning up and ensure your customers are getting the perfect (or should say, pawfect?) grooming service. 

Another high-quality piece of equipment we would suggest getting your paws on, would be EcoTowels. As we all know, towels for dog groomers are an essential part of kit.  EcoTowels are the perfect accompaniment to a dog groomer, as they are germ-free, biodegradable and can absorb up to 7x their weight in liquid. Not only can they make your groomers’ lives more efficient, but they are also stylish and available in up to 12 colours. 

Use Containment Methods

As we’ve mentioned above, keeping fur and hair contained is of the utmost importance. Consider using grooming tables for your furry customers. Most of these will come with built-in containment systems which will stop loose or cut hair from spreading around your work space. You can also opt for grooming loops which act as a comfortable way to restrain a dog's movements. During the grooming process, our pups can wiggle around a lot. A grooming table reduces the chances of hair flying in various different directions and minimises a dog’s movements in a relaxing way.

Grooming Aprons & Uniforms

According to Splashanddashfordogs.com ‘working in wet clothing is a typical grooming hazard. You will want to use water-proof clothing that will keep you flexible, dry, and comfortable. One of the most important pieces in the dog grooming apparel repertoire are aprons and smocks’. 

As working within the dog grooming industry means you may get wet or covered in hair and dirt, it’s best to be prepared for the job with the appropriate clothing. Wearing a grooming apron and clothing is the best option, as these are typically designed to repel hair. By keeping hair away from your clothes, it will be less likely that it will transfer on to other surfaces. 

Efficient Workspace Layout

How work is laid out can really affect your workflow and general cleanliness when completing a job. If your area has been designated for specific tasks, such as bathing dogs, drying their fur and grooming, then this will prevent any cross-contamination that may occur. For optimal cleanliness, it’s best to keep tasks separate from one another.

For all grooming tasks, we would recommend having a selection of products which makes cleaning up any unexpected messes which are easily accessible.  For example;

  • Keeping the floor clean: Invest in quality brooms, mops and mop buckets. This will ensure effective floor maintenance.
  • Hair collection tools: By keeping a dustpan and brush near, you will be able to quickly and efficiently collect stray or loose dog hairs.
  • Sanitising solutions: When it comes to organising your workspace, having Sanitising solutions to hand is a must. We recommend stocking up on antibacterial soap, disinfectant learns and sprays. This will help you maintain a germ-free environment. 
  • Waste Management: We also suggest keeping a supply of rubbish bags nearby. This will make disposing of loose hair or nail trimmings much easier. 
  • Salon Towels: Having dog towels to hand is a must and we would recommend ones that are easy to store as you may need many of them. For example, EcoTowels are perfect if you need to clear something up quickly. Our salon towels are not only lightweight, but they contain nothing nasty. These biodegradable towels for dog groomers are ideal if you are looking for a quick and eco-friendly solution to make your workspace more efficient. Also, with our subscribe option, you will never have to worry about running out. 

Why Do EcoTowels Make The Best Towels For Dog Groomers?

It’s simple really - EcoTowels are cost effective, eco-friendly and make for the perfect way to keep your dog groomers tidy. By implementing EcoTowels,  dog groomers can significantly reduce mess and create a much more comfortable and efficient workspace. In turn, a clean environment can not only benefit the groomers but also contributes to a positive experience for the furry clients and their owners.